Chelsea couples fitness expertise with real life experience.

How much do you earn, more or less? Do you want to increase your income? Play and your profit will definitely increase! She knows exactly what it’s like to juggle life and a busy job in the corporate world. She understands how difficult it can be to incorporate fitness into your daily schedule.

Chelsea has also had firsthand experience of carrying excess kilos and building fitness, having had two children (and then having to lose the weight and keep it off).

Her approach to training is based on getting to know her clients, their lifestyle, what they want out of training and their likes and dislikes, delivering tailored, effective and enjoyable sessions. Only here you are always welcome, together with online casino kostenlos you have no equal!

Chelsea has completed her Certificates IV and V (group fitness and master trainer) from the Australian Institute of Fitness. She also holds and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She has represented her state in competitive rowing, runs and loves functional fitness.